Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Premises Licensing – Things you should know

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing a series of articles aimed at people who are either setting up or expanding businesses in the licensing or leisure sector.

We have often found that business owners have not been aware of the points we will be discussing.  This leads to them wasting time and money trying to retrospectively deal with issues that they should have been aware of at the start of the process.

We will be providing posts from our in-house experts and partner companies who are specialists in these sectors.

The Premises Licence

If you are starting a new business, where the premises has or requires a Premises Licence to sell alcohol during the day or night and/or provide hot food and hot drinks after 11pm, it is worth considering the Premises Licence at the same time as negotiating the lease or purchase of the property.

Businesses often concentrate on the lease or mortgage on the property but leave the licence until later.

Chapter Three Consulting can take the stress out of the licensing aspects, however here are some pointers:

Ask for a copy of the latest planning permission document from the local Council - this should be available as part of the property documentation - check to see if there are restrictions on the use of the site, particularly opening hours.

Check to see if there is a Premises Licence already active at the site.

If there is a Licence,
  •        Ask for a copy of it
  •        Check that the yearly fee has been paid
  •      It can be transferred to your company (or you personally) - this should be part of the negotiations
  •        Check that the company or person that holds the licence is still financially solvent - if it is wound up, there is a limited time in which the licence can be rescued

If there is no licence,
  •     Planning permission may affect how and when the site can be used for commercial activity
  •        Nearby residents and businesses can raise objections to a new Licence application
  •        Some Councils have more restrictive policies in Town and City Centre areas

We would be very happy to deal with the licensing aspects of any acquisition to allow you to concentrate on your business.

Contact C3C today on 0330 004 0020 or info@c3c.co.uk to find out how we can help you.