Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Craft Beer & The Phenomenon of the Pop-Up Bar

Craft Beer & The Phenomenon of the Pop-Up Bar

There are now over 1700 small breweries in the UK which is a response to the increase in demand for quality.

Artisan beers have their own local identity and represent quality in the market place.

Whether they are sold from a shop with a Premises Licence for ‘Off Sales’ or sold from a bar with a Premises Licence for ‘On Sales’ or a combination of both, there are a growing number of outlets for these products.

Premises who specialize in selling craft beer from the UK, Europe and other parts of the world as well as other local products including British wine and spirits do not fit neatly into the Pub, Bar and Off-Licence model.

Pop-ups enable retailers to try out new locations and test products without committing to long leases or expensive refits.

They have varying opening times and can operate as Pop-up sites often on a single day each week.

Your local Licensing Authority may not understand this growing phenomenon and that is where professional assistance is needed.

Chapter Three Consulting recently enabled Four Hops Shop, a beer emporium in Reigate to obtain a Premises Licence that is suitable for this new business start up and clients elsewhere are starting to manage their premises and amend their Licences to adjust to this developing market.

Read Gemma McKenna’s intriguing article for the Morning Advertiser Pop Up Bars Hit The Pub World to find out the benefits of running a pop up bar.

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