Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A guide to Premises Licensing

Part 3

Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

A Temporary Event Notice, or TEN, is a notification to the licensing authority that an individual intends to carry out licensable activities for a period not exceeding 96 hours.

A TEN, is required before carrying out licensable activity on unlicensed premises, or when the activity is outside the scope of an existing licence.

The licensable activities are:
  •       The sale by retail of alcohol;
  •       The supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of a club;
  •       The provision of regulated entertainment; and
  •       The provision of late night refreshment.

So, if you are planning an event this Summer, A TEN may be the answer.

TENs were included in the Licensing Act 2003 to enable small scale one off events – a birthday party with a later closing time or a community event where music and a bar are provided.

The maximum number of people who can be involved is 499 and the event does not have to be ‘special’.

The notice is given to the local authority and if no objections are raised, the event can go ahead.

  •         The same premises can be used up to fifteen times a year for a TEN.
  •         Premises can be as small as a separate room
  •         There must be 24hrs between events
  •      No more than 21 calendar days per year can be covered by the 15 events that are allowed
  •       Personal Licence Holders can give up to 50 TENs a year and Non-Personal Licence Holders up to 5 TENs per year
  •        Normally 10 working days’ notice must be given, however ‘late TENs‘ can also be given
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